Who we are

Dr. Graham Doig
founded the Fluids Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Projects - FLIP - as an umbrella group for his diverse research team. He leads the group at California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo, based in the Aerospace Engineering Department. FLIP originated at UNSW Australia in Sydney and retains strong ties through continuing student projects and collaborations there. FLIP covers both fundamental research and applied testing in collaboration with industry partners.

The group comprises PhD students, Master's students and undergraduate research assistants, united by a strong commitment to inventive, high-quality experimental and numerical work in applied aerodynamics and hydrodynamics.

We partner with a diverse range of collaborators in industry and academia in the US, Australia and Europe - particularly with electric automotive and aerospace companies.

What we do

We're proud of our ability to apply creative analysis to complicated problems. Almost all our research projects fall into a few categories: high speed flows with complex shock interactions, fluid dynamics of maneuvering and flow control at lower speeds (both automotive and aeronautical), and research on the science of learning. Fundamental work often crosses over to applications in the fields of automotive, aerospace, marine, biological and built environment.

We usually use a wide variety of wind tunnel, water tunnel and field techniques to complement extensive numerical simulation using RANS, DES and LES. 

FLIP isn't tied to one physical lab or location, we get the right tools and collaborators for the job, whatever the job may be.

We're big believers in getting our research out there in the public domain, and we'd love to hear from you.

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FLIP also acts as an advanced technology developer for Cal Poly's Prototype Vehicles Laboratory (PROVE Lab), a student organization set up by Dr. Doig to design and build vehicles specifically to break alternative energy world speed records. Students working on projects  through FLIP explore aerodynamic and structural aspects of  concepts that may turn into future PROVE Lab projects - such as the Project Mobius solar plane.

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