Alejandro (Alex) Meraz

Cal Poly Undergraduate Research Assistant (Summer 2017)

Project: Tesla road vehicle aerodynamics

About Alex

Hello, my name is Alex Meraz, I am a third-year transfer student at Cal Poly. I transferred to Cal Poly in the Fall 2016. Previously, I attended community college at Butte College in Chico, Ca and Cuesta College in San Luis Obispo, Ca. I am originally from Paso Robles, Ca. I am majoring in Aerospace Engineering with a concentration in Aeronautical Engineering. Prior to attending Cal Poly, I was working as a mechanic in the automotive industry. My goals with aerospace engineering, as of now, are to focus on aerodynamics in the automotive industry, preferably in performance vehicles and racing application. I am currently not in any clubs at Cal Poly, but am planning on joining one of Cal Poly’s automotive clubs for fall of 2017.

What are you working on?

This summer (2017) I have been working on a wind tunnel research project. The project focuses on studying the effects of automotive panel gaps on a vehicle’s overall aerodynamic performance. I have been collaborating with a fourth-year Cal Poly students, Geary Yu. A wind tunnel model was created to represent a generic panel gap. The study focused on taking surface pressure reading, boundary layer measurements, and wake profile readings. This project has been a great opportunity for me to get experience with the wind tunnel, as I am going into my third year, which focuses on fluid dynamics and aerodynamics. With Dr. Doig’s guidance in the project, we have been able to get good results, and have been able to present these results to Tesla, Inc., which has been a very useful experience for future practices.

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