Arash Adrangi

Cal Poly Undergraduate Research Assistant (Fall 2017)

Project: Robotic traverse arm for the low speed wind tunnel

About Alex

My name is Arash Adrangi, and I am a third year aerospace engineering student who is concentrating in aeronautics. I am a volunteer in the low speed wind tunnel, and am currently hardware and software troubleshooting the 3 axis traverse data acquisitionsystem that is used during wind tunnel tests.

What are you working on?

The system is programmed in LabVIEW, and is controlled by three motors. Two of these are arduino controlled, and the other is operated by a german motor controller. After all three axis are working, I am to programthe system to work with much greater autonomy, and error proof it so that (hopefully) it will never be a problem again. In my spare time, I work at Cal Poly's rocketry club, CPSS, and learn more LabVIEW cause LabVIEW is pretty fun.

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