Brandon Baldovin

Cal Poly Graduate Student

Project: surf board hydrodynamics

About Brandon

I was born and raised in the central coast of California and attended Cal Poly San Luis Obispo for both my Bachelors and Masters Degree in Aerospace Engineering.I’ve been involved in Cal Poly’s Low Speed Wind Tunnel supervising student labs and maintaining instrumentation and equipment. I was also fortunate enough to have prior experience at NASA Ames Unitary Wind Tunnel Plan Facility working with test engineers andhigh-speed wind tunnels.

Since I began working with Dr. Doig and FLIP, I have been involved with several unconventional and unique projects. Some of these have included Avian Flightand Wind Morphology and the study of Winter Olympic double’s luge rider configuration. I have thoroughly enjoyed developing a dynamic skillset ranging from wind tunnel model manufacturing and instrumentation to 3D scanning and CFD analysis.

What are you working on?

My passion for fluid dynamics and pastime of surfing has meshed into my Master’s thesis: A Parametric Study of Surfboard Fins. This CFD and wind tunnel researchwill focus on how fin shape and geometry effects performance and efficiency through the water. My goal will be to find the most influential parameters on a surfboard fin computationally. Once those parameters have been determined, I plan on printinga narrowed selection of fin designs and testing them in Cal Poly’s Low Speed Wind Tunnel. Hopefully this along with CFD analysis will provide a conclusion as to what kind of fin is the most efficient through water.

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