Cal Poly awarded new High Performance Computing resources

Dr. Graham Doig was PI on a grant to obtain a new $130,000 high performance
computing resource for Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. The cluster, from Silicon Mechanics,
will greatly enhance computational fluid dynamics capability on campus
for students and researchers, and opens the door to collaborations
across the College of Engineering.  The “Bishop” cluster, named after a local mountain or the android from 80’s sci-fi classic “Aliens” (depending who you talk to), will transform the ability of FLIP students to undertake top-quality CFD simulations of fluids problems, and will be a stepping stone on the way to bigger, better resources in the near future.

“We are very excited because this is a solution we can implement immediately,” said Graham Doig, assistant professor of aerospace engineering at Cal Poly, and the lead investigator on the grant proposal. “The cluster, first of all is going to do so much for our students from a research perspective. Ultimately, however, it is going to break down some of the computing silos that exist interdepartmentally, and bring the universities departments together.”

You can read Cal Poly’s full press release here.

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