Cal Poly Engineering Names Dr. Graham Doig as a Lockheed Martin Endowed Professor

Awarded biannually in conjunction with Lockheed Martin, the $25,000 professorships provide time and resources for professional growth and development to enrich the educational experiences of Cal Poly students. The award recognizes faculty members who contribute new knowledge in the field of engineering, partner with industry, involve students with advanced ideas and enhance teaching by introducing state-of-the-art topics into the classroom.

Since joining Cal Poly in late 2014, Graham Doig (pictured here with Ed Burnett of Lockheed Martin) has integrated undergraduate aerospace engineering students into aerodynamic research of a nearly professional quality. He has overseen the significant modernization of Cal Poly’s Low-Speed Wind Tunnel, and he has overhauled key courses in fluids, thermodynamics and applied aerodynamics to offer more project-based learning and foster increased student creativity. Doig founded and advises the high-profile, student-led Cal Poly Prototype Vehicles Lab, which is building a car to break the land speed record for a solar-powered vehicle in the summer of 2018.

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