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  1. Track Testing

    05 Apr 2017

    Cal Poly students Danny Stalters (aero) and Andrew Furmidge (ME) have been making great progress on an undergraduate research project funded by a Baker and Koob Endowment grant. The goal is to determine whether machine learning applied to aerodynamic data during a track test featuring multiple variables can be used…

  2. Andrew Furmidge wins Cal Poly Outstanding Student Employee of the Year

    02 May 2016

    Mechanical Engineering junior and Lead Wind Tunnel Design Engineer Andrew Furmidge was awarded Cal Poly’s prestigious “Outstanding Student Employee of the Year” by President Armstrong, for his work on the Aerospace Engineering Department’s Low Speed Wind Tunnel since January 2015 when he was just halfway through his sophomore year. Andrew’s been…

  3. FLIR test in the Low Speed Wind Tunnel

    20 Feb 2016

    The Low Speed Wind Tunnel, which FLIP students have been refurbishing and upgrading for a year now, hosted FLIR Systems last week, to test their new marine night vision M-400 camera in hurricane-strength gusts. Long-time wind tunnel lab employees Andrew Furmidge and Matt Paul, with plenty of help on the…

  4. Cal Poly Low Speed Wind Tunnel summer refurbishment week 1

    10 Jul 2015

    More big changes are happening in Dr. Doig’s wind tunnel lab this summer. After months of planning and designing, the student design team is taking apart the old test section to make way for the rolling road that was donated to Cal Poly by Dan Gurney’s All American Racers to…

  5. Mayday in the Cal Poly Low Speed Wind Tunnel Lab

    02 May 2015

    1st of May in the Cal Poly Low Speed Wind Tunnel. Daniel Henry and Danny Stalters were gluing the foam tail cone for the fan together… next up, composites! The moving ground has been shifted down to the back yard of the lab, next for Andrew Furmidge will be to…

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