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  1. Flow Control Fridays

    17 Mar 2018

    This quarter students in AERO 529 have had a lot of Flow Control Fridays (TM) in the wind tunnel lab, getting to know the technologies (and troubles!) companies are using to dramatically increase the aerodynamic performance of flight vehicles.

  2. 2018 NASA Ames Trip

    20 Feb 2018

    Dr. Doig took some of Cal Poly’s finest student aerodynamicists up to NASA Ames last week (students in his unique Aerodynamic Research and Development class, AERO568/569), where they got a rare look inside the National Full-Scale Aerodynamics Center (a.k.a. the world’s biggest wind tunnel). Teams got feedback on their own…

  3. ES Aero Trip

    13 Jan 2018

    Teams in Dr. Doig’s Aerodynamic Research and Development course got a tour from Cal Poly Aero alum, Nick Brake, of ES Aero’s brand new SLO facility. ES Aero are prime contractors on NASA’s cutting-edge electric concept plane, the X-57. The innovative company was founded by and is filled with Cal…

  4. PROVE lab completes solar car bodywork

    11 Dec 2017

    FLIP’s sister organization (Dr. Doig’s other acronym) PROVE Lab today announced they have completed bodywork manufacturing for what will be the world’s fastest solar-powered car this coming summer! Join Aerospace Engineer and Solar Car driver Lacey Davis as the team gets the final ultra-lightweight composite part out the oven and…

  5. Cal Poly Engineering Names Dr. Graham Doig as a Lockheed Martin Endowed Professor

    11 May 2017

    Awarded biannually in conjunction with Lockheed Martin, the $25,000 professorships provide time and resources for professional growth and development to enrich the educational experiences of Cal Poly students. The award recognizes faculty members who contribute new knowledge in the field of engineering, partner with industry, involve students with advanced ideas…

  6. Matt Paul graduates

    18 Mar 2017

    Matt Paul has been working with FLIP in the Low Speed Wind Tunnel lab since practically day 1 at Cal Poly, first as an undergrad assistant, then grad student and TA, and the lab’s Lead Test Engineer for various commercial tests. It’s no surprise Matt has been offered a job…

  7. CFD of the World’s Fastest Solar Car

    02 Dec 2016

    PROVE Lab have started manufacturing their solar-powered land speed record car - here’s a look back at the simulation that went into creating the shape for one of the lowest-drag vehicles ever. FLIP was the design and testing partner for this part of the program, for wind tunnel and CFD…

  8. PROVE Lab wind tunnel model makes progress

    09 Apr 2016

    Cal Poly’s Prototype Vehicles Laboratory - PROVE Lab - is a team of 60+ students from 11 different majors, currently designing and building a solar-powered car to break an international Land Speed Record in June 2017 When you have less than 2kW of power at hand in order to hit…

  9. Visit from Kaveh Kabir

    14 Feb 2016

    Long-time FLIP collaborator and materials researcher Kaveh Kabir of Macquarie University in Australia visited Poly recently, to work with Graham Doig on a couple of projects. While here, he found himself being drafted to mentor the PROVE Lab solar car structures team, and giving well-received talks to both the Cal…

  10. Winter Break Wind Tunnel Lab Action

    18 Jan 2016

    Andrew Furmidge, Matt Paul, and Danny Stalters continued their hard work in the wind tunnel lab over the winter break, spending a few days sealing the new test section, cutting aluminum, preparing the new turbulence screen, and… assembling Swedish furniture. It’s looking great!

  11. Experimental Aircraft Association talk at Cal Poly

    18 Jan 2016

    Graham Doig gave a talk to the SLO chapter of the Experimental Aircraft Association on Saturday, describing the Cal Poly Low Speed Wind Tunnel and what our students have been up to there with the refurbishment.

  12. Cal Poly Parents and Family Weekend

    05 Nov 2015

    Dr. Doig’s talk “Your epic daily battle against aerodynamics” to hundreds of parents culminated in a youngster demonstrating why driving around a brick on wheels every day is an odd thing we do. No smoke alarm: success

  13. Article on Fruit Fly aerodynamics (yes…) published in PLOS One

    18 May 2015

    Fruit flies. Not as cool as seals and birds, let’s just get that straight. But aerodynamically? Fascinating. Joshua Brandt, a PhD candidate at UNSW Australia, and Dr. Naomi Tsafnat, also at UNSW Australia, collaborated with FLIP leader Dr. Graham Doig to undertake a micro-CT scan of the fly’s wings and…

  14. The influence of cornering on the vortical wake structures of an inverted wing

    03 May 2015

    FLIP PhD candidate James Keogh (based at UNSW Australia) recently published his paper “The influence of cornering on the vortical wake structures of an inverted wing” in the IMechE Journal of Automobile Engineering. It’s part of James’ ongoing work into cornering aerodynamics - a condition that is particularly important for…

  15. Mayday in the Cal Poly Low Speed Wind Tunnel Lab

    02 May 2015

    1st of May in the Cal Poly Low Speed Wind Tunnel. Daniel Henry and Danny Stalters were gluing the foam tail cone for the fan together… next up, composites! The moving ground has been shifted down to the back yard of the lab, next for Andrew Furmidge will be to…

  16. How do you wind tunnel test a supersonic car?

    23 Feb 2015

    I thought I’d make a post about this since I saw recently that a research team in Japan had decided to stick a couple of die-cast models of the Bloodhound SSC “1000mph” car in a wind tunnel and use schlieren visualization to see the shock waves that might be produced…

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