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  1. Kyle Forster Graduates, Takes Job at Mercedes F1

    28 Nov 2017

    UNSW Sydney PhD Candidate Kyle Forster was officially awarded his doctorate - congratulations Kyle! His thesis, “The Interactions of Streamwise Co-rotating and Counter-rotating Vortices” was successfully defended and the work resulted in several top quality publications currently coming through in Journal of Fluid Mechanics, Physics of Fluids, and more. Kyle…

  2. Black is the new black

    20 Mar 2016

    UNSW Australia PhD candidate Kyle Forster experiments with a revised PIV setup in the Macquarie University Wind Tunnel.

  3. Particle Image Velocimetry…ing.

    03 Jul 2015

    UNSW Australia PhD candidate Kyle Forster has been characterizing the wind tunnel at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia - why Macquarie? Former F1 aerodynamicist Dr. Sammy Diasinos is Kyle’s co-supervisor and oversees the wind tunnel lab there This tunnel had recently been relocated from the University of Technology Sydney campus…

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