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  1. 2018 NASA Ames Trip

    20 Feb 2018

    Dr. Doig took some of Cal Poly’s finest student aerodynamicists up to NASA Ames last week (students in his unique Aerodynamic Research and Development class, AERO568/569), where they got a rare look inside the National Full-Scale Aerodynamics Center (a.k.a. the world’s biggest wind tunnel). Teams got feedback on their own…

  2. Lauren Polo scores NASA “Virtual Internship”

    07 Sep 2017

    Lauren Polo is continuing her work with NASA Ames on Infrared Thermography for wind tunnel tests, through a “Virtual Internship” mechanism from the NAMS program. She’s able to undertake lab work at Cal Poly with trips to Ames over the school breaks, to collaborate with her mentor (and Cal Poly…

  3. Bird Scanning at NASA Ames

    01 Aug 2017

    Graham Rolph and Graham Doig from Cal Poly scan a pelican at NASA Ames Cal Poly aero junior Graham Rolph (left) and Dr. Graham Doig were 3d scanning pelicans and turkey vultures at NASA Ames last week - part of a long-running effort to do some of the world’s first…

  4. 2017 NASA Ames interns

    07 Jun 2017

    Several students from Cal Poly Aerospace Engineering Department are heading to NASA Ames Research Center this summer. Long-time Low Speed Wind Tunnel assistant (and 2016 aerodynamics team lead for PROVE Lab), Riess Haslam, (left), will be working in the Unitary Plan Wind Tunnel (same as last year!) with Lauren Polo…

  5. Matt Paul graduates

    18 Mar 2017

    Matt Paul has been working with FLIP in the Low Speed Wind Tunnel lab since practically day 1 at Cal Poly, first as an undergrad assistant, then grad student and TA, and the lab’s Lead Test Engineer for various commercial tests. It’s no surprise Matt has been offered a job…

  6. Trip to NASA Ames Wind Tunnel Division

    20 Feb 2016

    Who’s that giving an insiders’ tour at NASA Ames Research Center to 16 Cal Poly aero seniors and grads? Alums Eric Paciano (2013) and Alan L’Esperance (2014) - along with our host, Kurt Long of NASA’s Fluid Mechanics Laboratory - were on hand this Tuesday to explain how they conduct…

  7. Frank Kmak visits the Low Speed Wind Tunnel

    20 Feb 2016

    Another special visitor to FLIP…and the Cal Poly Low Speed Wind Tunnel Lab last week - Frank Kmak is wind tunnel division chief at NASA Ames Research Center, and therefore by default has the biggest and coolest wind tunnel complex on the planet. Ames and Cal Poly are strengthening their…

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