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  1. PROVE lab completes solar car bodywork

    11 Dec 2017

    FLIP’s sister organization (Dr. Doig’s other acronym) PROVE Lab today announced they have completed bodywork manufacturing for what will be the world’s fastest solar-powered car this coming summer! Join Aerospace Engineer and Solar Car driver Lacey Davis as the team gets the final ultra-lightweight composite part out the oven and…

  2. Cal Poly Magazine features PROVE Lab

    18 Jan 2017

    Cal Poly students in PROVE Lab are chasing down a big challenge: setting a world record for the world’s fastest solar-powered car. Learn more at FLIP is the aerodynamic testing/simulation partner for PROVE, and FLIP Director Graham Doig founded and advises PROVE Lab. Stay tuned for June 2017…!

  3. CFD of the World’s Fastest Solar Car

    02 Dec 2016

    PROVE Lab have started manufacturing their solar-powered land speed record car - here’s a look back at the simulation that went into creating the shape for one of the lowest-drag vehicles ever. FLIP was the design and testing partner for this part of the program, for wind tunnel and CFD…

  4. Wind Tunnel Testing the PROVE Lab Solar Car

    02 Oct 2016

    A look back to summer when the Cal Poly Prototype Vehicles Lab conducted wind tunnel testing on an early design of the World’s Fastest Solar Car. FLIP was the testing partner for the wind tunnel campaign.

  5. Happy Birthday, Sunswift

    06 Jun 2015

    Graham Doig gets a shout out in the latest version of UNSW Engineering’s magazine celebrating 20 years of Sunswift solar car racing team. Dr. Doig was heavily involved in Sunswift over the last few years, and has written about the project and its impact for the SAE and various other…

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