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  1. Flow Control Fridays

    17 Mar 2018

    This quarter students in AERO 529 have had a lot of Flow Control Fridays (TM) in the wind tunnel lab, getting to know the technologies (and troubles!) companies are using to dramatically increase the aerodynamic performance of flight vehicles.

  2. Quantel Donates PIV Laser to FLIP

    15 Sep 2017

    Leading laser technology company Quantel visited Cal Poly’s Aerospace Engineering Department today to donate a high-power pulsed laser that will be used in Dr. Graham Doig’s Low Speed Wind Tunnel lab. The new laser is powerful enough to illuminate particles in the air that flow around a wing or car…

  3. FLIP summer undergrads visit Tesla

    19 Aug 2017

    Geary Yu and Alex Meraz are sponsored by the College of Engineer’s Summer Undergraduate Research Program, and are working with FLIP and our client Tesla to look at a specific automotive aerodynamics problem that is helping the Tesla engineers understand whether small changes in bodywork can make a big difference…

  4. Bird Scanning at NASA Ames

    01 Aug 2017

    Graham Rolph and Graham Doig from Cal Poly scan a pelican at NASA Ames Cal Poly aero junior Graham Rolph (left) and Dr. Graham Doig were 3d scanning pelicans and turkey vultures at NASA Ames last week - part of a long-running effort to do some of the world’s first…

  5. Matt Paul graduates

    18 Mar 2017

    Matt Paul has been working with FLIP in the Low Speed Wind Tunnel lab since practically day 1 at Cal Poly, first as an undergrad assistant, then grad student and TA, and the lab’s Lead Test Engineer for various commercial tests. It’s no surprise Matt has been offered a job…

  6. Inside the Low Speed Wind Tunnel Lab

    30 Sep 2016

    Find out more about how the wind tunnel works, who works there, and what they get up to in this series of videos about the Cal Poly Low Speed Wind Tunnel!

  7. Jennings Aeronautics Wind Tunnel Test

    23 Jul 2016

    SLO-based unmanned aerial systems company Jennings Aeronautics were testing in the Low Speed Wind Tunnel this week, with veteran student test engineer Matt Paul (Aero) and junior lab manager Noah Sadler (ME) running the show with summer lab assistant Garrett Klunk (Aero). Shota Watanabe (Aero) was the day’s point-man for rapid prop blade changes. It’s…

  8. PROVE Lab wind tunnel model makes progress

    09 Apr 2016

    Cal Poly’s Prototype Vehicles Laboratory - PROVE Lab - is a team of 60+ students from 11 different majors, currently designing and building a solar-powered car to break an international Land Speed Record in June 2017 When you have less than 2kW of power at hand in order to hit…

  9. Black is the new black

    20 Mar 2016

    UNSW Australia PhD candidate Kyle Forster experiments with a revised PIV setup in the Macquarie University Wind Tunnel.

  10. Frank Kmak visits the Low Speed Wind Tunnel

    20 Feb 2016

    Another special visitor to FLIP…and the Cal Poly Low Speed Wind Tunnel Lab last week - Frank Kmak is wind tunnel division chief at NASA Ames Research Center, and therefore by default has the biggest and coolest wind tunnel complex on the planet. Ames and Cal Poly are strengthening their…

  11. It lives!

    04 Feb 2016

    The Low Speed Wind Tunnel was turned on today for the first time in 7 months, the new test section is performing nicely, and with all the upgrades we found another 5% power. Great to hear that soundtrack! Now for the rolling road, force balance, laser measurement system, probe traverse……

  12. Experimental Aircraft Association talk at Cal Poly

    18 Jan 2016

    Graham Doig gave a talk to the SLO chapter of the Experimental Aircraft Association on Saturday, describing the Cal Poly Low Speed Wind Tunnel and what our students have been up to there with the refurbishment.

  13. Cal Poly ME Senior Project Design Review presentations

    25 Nov 2015

    FLIP is sponsoring two Cal Poly Mechanical Engineering senior projects this academic year: November means preliminary design reviews Dylan, Laura, Kurt and Gordon are working up a mechanized seal flipper rig for our small water channel to allow 3d printed flipper motion to be researched. Laura Kawashiri is president of…

  14. Cal Poly Supermileage Revisits the Wind Tunnel

    29 Oct 2015

    Cal Poly Supermileage revisits the wind tunnel The Cal Poly ecomarathon contender was starring in a photoshoot for a magazine; we loaded it into the wind tunnel again - unlike in May, we have the rolling road in there, and a nearly-complete test section, thanks to Danny Stalters, Andrew Furmidge,…

  15. Cal Poly Low Speed Wind Tunnel summer refurbishment week 1

    10 Jul 2015

    More big changes are happening in Dr. Doig’s wind tunnel lab this summer. After months of planning and designing, the student design team is taking apart the old test section to make way for the rolling road that was donated to Cal Poly by Dan Gurney’s All American Racers to…

  16. Particle Image Velocimetry…ing.

    03 Jul 2015

    UNSW Australia PhD candidate Kyle Forster has been characterizing the wind tunnel at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia - why Macquarie? Former F1 aerodynamicist Dr. Sammy Diasinos is Kyle’s co-supervisor and oversees the wind tunnel lab there This tunnel had recently been relocated from the University of Technology Sydney campus…

  17. The influence of cornering on the vortical wake structures of an inverted wing

    03 May 2015

    FLIP PhD candidate James Keogh (based at UNSW Australia) recently published his paper “The influence of cornering on the vortical wake structures of an inverted wing” in the IMechE Journal of Automobile Engineering. It’s part of James’ ongoing work into cornering aerodynamics - a condition that is particularly important for…

  18. How do you wind tunnel test a supersonic car?

    23 Feb 2015

    I thought I’d make a post about this since I saw recently that a research team in Japan had decided to stick a couple of die-cast models of the Bloodhound SSC “1000mph” car in a wind tunnel and use schlieren visualization to see the shock waves that might be produced…

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