Geary Yu

Cal Poly Undergraduate Research Assistant (summer 2017)

Project: Tesla aerodynamics

About Geary

My name is Geary Yu and I am a 4th year Aerospace Engineering major with a concentration in Aeronautics from Oakland, California. Currently, I am the president of the Aircraft Design Construction Club (ADCC) and the treasurer for Society of Hispanic Professional Engineer (SHPE) Jr. chapter on campus. As I wrap up my undergraduate degree, I hope to enter a profession where I can apply my knowledge to create commercial aircrafts more fuel efficient and eventually become a project manager down the road.

Outside of academics, I enjoy watching sports and trying new things. My favorite sport teams are the Oakland Athletics and the Golden State Warriors. In the future, I want to travel the world to experience different cultures and see landmarks from around the world. Hawaii, Lake Tahoe, and Seattle are some of my favorite places that I have visited so far.

What are you working on?

Throughout the summer, I was working with another student to help Tesla conduct a research to understand the impact of the automotive panel gaps on different aerodynamic properties such as location of flow separation, boundary layer development, and loss of momentum. Before collecting data, multiple modifications were made to the model to mimic an accurate flow field over automotive panels at highway speeds. Surface pressure, boundary layer measurements, wake momentum profiles and different forms of flow visualization were collected to further understand the effect of panel gap. 

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