Kyle Forster - PhD Candidate at UNSW Sydney (2014 - 2018)

Supervisors: Doig, Barber, Diasinos

About Kyle

Kyle completed his undergraduate BE in Mechanical Engineering (Aerospace) at the University of New South Wales in 2012, starting his PhD in 2014. 

Driven to engineering by an excessive amount of Lego as a child, Kyle went on to become a highly focused project based engineer. This continued at university, where Kyle was involved in the Formula SAE team RedbackRacing for three years. In his final year he led the engineering team as Technical Director to creating its first car to compete in all competition events for over 3 years. Kyle graduated with the University Medal in Aerospace Engineering, the highest honouran undergraduate can receive, and proceeded to take a year’s break to form his own off-road racing team before continuing his research on the aerodynamics of vortex generators.


Currently, vortex generators are used in a number of applications ranging from aircraft and race cars to humble pipes, however their fundamental flow features are still poorly understood. By using numerical simulationand wind tunnel experimentation I aim to better understand both the downstream flow properties and the effects of upstream disturbances on vortex generators, specifically looking at the interaction of co-rotating and counter-rotating vortices generated by vanes at various orientations at relatively low Reynolds numbers.

For more about Kyle's project, click here.

What's next?

"After completing my PhD, I would like to move into the car racing industry, where I can apply my research skills to further develop the aerodynamic technology used on modern racing vehicles. Vortices are involveduniversally across all racecar aerodynamics, and a better understanding of their formation and effects will be of great benefit to me in industry."

Update December 2018 - Kyle has been awarded his PhD, congratulations Kyle!

You can follow more of Kyle's adventures on his youtube channel.


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